Our Sections


Age – 6-8 (Thursdays)
3rd Poole Beavers meet every week during the term time, doing normal Beaver activities, including games, art/craft and much more! Over the summer we sometimes visit local parks and go crabbing & we also do a boat trip to get a taster for the water!


Age – 8-10 (Wednesdays)
3rd Poole Cubs meet every week during term time, doing similar activities to our Beavers and other land cubs. Recent activities include Computer/Internet safety, kite making and cookery. They also do some water based activities, such as boat trips and activity camps.


Age – 10-14 (Tuesdays & Fridays)
3rd Poole Sea Scouts meet every week throughout the year. Over the summer they do water activities such as Sailing, Kayaking, Rowing and Rafting. Over the winter they do normal Scouting activities such as cooking, pioneering and wide games


Age – 14-17 (Thursdays)
Poole Tsunami Explorers meet every week all year doing boating activities over the summer and normal Explorer activities over the winter, such as first aid, pioneering, cooking, games and many others.